The city is full of surprises, artistic experiences, experimental to the core and cosmopolitan from the soul. This Danish capital is super loaded with cafes, culture and history. Here are the reasons to love the city.

  1. The Danes know how to play

One of the city’s centrepieces is the Tivoli gardens. The garden has a 19th century atmosphere and is lined up with antique dodgems, vintage Ferris wheels, and twirling merry-go-rounds. Besides this, there are also many modern rides and elegant restaurants. There is also a pagoda style Pantomime theatre which was established in 1874.

  1. There is an urban beach.

It might not appear that Copenhagen might have any beachers, but that’s where you are wrong. Three miles south of the center is a white vast beach which goes by the name of Amager Strandpark, extending along a sheltered lagoon, gentle dunes, and marram grass. If you are looking for accommodation, feel free to stay at Copenhagen hotel apartments located nearby the beach.

  1. Food is a performance.

The performance of Copenhagen when it comes to the delicacies is quite ravishing. At which means first floor to the right is located inside a luxurious apartment at the Copenhagen harborfront. Its owner, Mette Martinussen, has established a dining experience halfway between a posh dinner party and a piece of live performance. Diners are invited by email. The food is flamboyant as well right from pork with seaweed and horseradish foam to beetroot and liquorice ice cream.

  1. The city lives on and for pastry.

Copenhagen gets high on pasteries. They are known as wienerbrød in Danish, not by the name ‘pastries’. They were invented by Viennese chefs during a nationwide strike by Danish bakers in the 1850s. You will see many people taking a cup of coffee with a freshly made wienerbrød in the morning.

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