Nightlife in the Dominican Republic is very interesting. If you are accustomed to partying every night then you will never be bored on this island. Here are few reasons why you can have lots of fun at nightlife parties.

  • Nightlife culture

Nightlife culture on this island is little different from what you may be familiar with. Here the music is quite different and also people are friendly. Time to time you need to keep an eye for chapiadoras. Most of the people are familiar with Latin and Spanish language however people are quite open to talk to outsiders. You may feel little awkward to talk to a stranger but people here like to mingle with you while partying.

  • Crazy friendly people

In the tourist area like Santo Domingo, people may not be too friendly however if you visit to any small town or city then you will notice that people are too friendly and in one night you can make plenty of friends. If you enjoy talking then people of this country will be very happy to share about their country with you. They will also be curious to know why you visited this island and where are you putting up etc. So, you must be prepared to drink and talk to many people as during the party people are very social. There are few top-rated beaches in the Dominican Republic which are places where people enjoy the party.

  • Latin beats

Most of the places at Dominican Republic, you can find people are playing “gringo” music and in some of the bigger clubs, you can find hip hop too. At any club at Santo Domingo or at Santiago you can expect the following:

  1. Bachata
  2. Dembow
  3. Merengue
  4. Reggaeton
  5. Salsa

All throughout the day you can hear Latin beats only. Most popular music is Reggaeton and you can also hear Dembow or Bachata too in few clubs. Salsa does not seem too popular here.

  • The dancing

If you cannot dance then nightlife can be little boring for you. However, as a gringo you will get lots of support. Even you make wrong steps or know little bit of Bachata people will cheer you up. If you are fond of dancing then you will really enjoy dancing with them by matching their steps.

  • Spanish is must

Here in this country people speak Spanish and after checking-in at the resort you will find that very few speak in English. However, you can find quite a few who speak decent English too.

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