In today’s busy world, it’s sometimes difficult to find time to connect to those who love most, to those that make your life worth living. Between work, school, a social life, and life’s other errands–you may not even notice that you haven’t really had quality time with your partner in months. The daily grind can get in the way and cause you to grow apart and feel disconnected from your partner. The perfect cure for these relationship woes is planning and taking a big trip with your partner! You’ll bond first over making the plans–picking the destination, booking a hotel room or resort stay, finding interesting and fun activities to take part in, and seeing what delicious restaurants will be close to your vacation destination! And once you’re there together, you’re sure to feel reconnected, revived, and romantically drawn to your partner once again. If you don’t have a partner to go with, then sign up for! Their mission is a simple one; to assist single people in finding the kind of relationship they’re seeking. Their platform gives single folks the opportunity to express themselves through various writing sections, photos, and selected partner preferences. Then they use questionnaires and location services to find possible matches in you area. Once you find your true love, like so many others have–you can get to planning your romantic getaway too!

The first step in planning a romantic vacation for two is choosing where you will go. This depends on your time and budget constraints. Can you and your partner both afford to take off from work? Is there someone who can watch your kids? Will you need to arrange for house and pet sitters? Will you have to purchase passports or rent a car? All of these costs will add up to make your overall budget something that definitely needs to be planned beforehand. Once you know how much money you have to spend on getting to your destination and your food and lodging, the fun part comes–choosing a place! Are you beach and bar people, who like to sit in the sun and enjoy cold alcoholic beverages? Or are you more apt to spending the week hiking and exploring nature while staying in a rustic wooden cabin? Perhaps staying in a big city like New York or Los Angeles and exploring theatres and museums seems more like something you and your lover can bond over.You can even buy tickets for shows and concerts ahead of time on sites like Stubhub! Either way, the place you choose for your romantic getaway should be something you both want to experience together.

Once you’ve chosen the place you’ll be visiting, search through online reviews and travel guides on sites like Trip Advisor! Here you’ll find the honest experiences of other tourists and patrons–allowing you to see what restaurants, hotels, and other attractions have good reviews, and which ones you should avoid at all costs! You’ll want to spend your time on vacation focusing on having fun and reconnecting with your partner–not trying to find a decent meal or cool place to catch live music and stressing out about it. It’s best to have most of your major activities planned, but also leave a little bit of room for happenstance and spontaneity.

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