Traveling with your canine can be a great experience. Sometimes plans are a choice, while on other occasions, you might not have another option but to take your pet along. Regardless of the situation, you will need a dog crate. Also known as a pet carrier, crates are designed to contain your dog for travel times and journeys. If you are buying the first crate, there are a few things that must be considered.

Always buy airline-approved carriers

If you are traveling by air, you will need a crate that matches the requirements of the airline. These requirements are pretty standard with most commercial airline services. Always get a crate that’s approved and made these standards. The same crate can come handy when you travel in a car or by train.

Don’t get the wrong size

Measure your pet before you look for carriers. On some journeys, the dog must stay in the crate for hours, and this can be intimidating for the pet, especially when he is in the cargo with luggage on a flight. The crate must have enough space for him to move, stand and sit. At the same time, do not buy an oversized product either. If you have a big and a small breed dog, you can buy a large one, and as you travel with the smaller dog, you can use a separator or a partition.

Use it at home

It’s never a good idea to use a crate on the final journey day. Your pet will feel trapped, and it might look like a punishment. Buy the crate at least a month in advance, and allow the dog to use it regularly. He must think of it as a safe and comfortable den. If needed, put a few toys or balls for him to keep busy. Do NOT use the crate to punish your dog or else, he will never like it.

Check reviews online

There are many sites, where you can find reviews on the best dog crates. Check these sites to know the top rated options and how one product is better than the other. One of the known models is the Pawfect Pet – Pet Carrier, which is great for smaller dogs and offers adequate ventilation.

Finally, talk to your vet or get a behavior expert to introduce the crate to the dog. The first few incidences will matter in the long run.


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