If you have never been to New Zealand, you may be wondering where you should travel. It may be a good idea to set your sight on a place called Otago Harbour. This beautiful fauna-and-flora filled harbour is located on the southeast coast of the South Island of New Zealand. It is also home to Dunedin, a place that is known for its Maori and Scottish history.

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Therefore, booking a car rental in Dunedin is an exciting experience, especially if you have not visited New Zealand before. To make the planning easier, you need to go online and view the travel packages. You will not regret your decision as you can see plenty of wildlife up close that you cannot see anywhere else in the world.

Some of the Indigenous Animals

For example, the city is home to animals such as albatrosses, yellow-eyed penguins, and sea lions. The yellow-eyed penguins are rare birds. Therefore, driving through this part of New Zealand also gives you a rare opportunity to see some things that you never thought you would.

Whilst you are driving through the city and surrounding area, you will want to see sites such as Otago Peninsula (home to the aforementioned penguins and albatross) and the Dunedin railways. Get out of your car and travel again by train. You will be thrilled at the view of the scenic countryside and love to look around the historic station.

A Visit to Larnach Castle

You also want to visit Larnach Castle once you get back in your car. This Victorian-era structure offers a beautiful garden setting and will take you back to another time. Tunnel Beach is another site to see if you tend to be adventurous.

A Suggested Itinerary

If you have a week to see Dunedin, that is ideal. You can visit Otago Peninsula for your first stop, followed by Larnach Castle. This castle can be reached from the centre of town in about 2.5 hours. Tours are conducted at the site. Next, you will want to see Dunedin Railways as it is an ornamental and interesting site.

The First Church of Otago

Follow this visit by checking out the First Church of Otago, a large Presbyterian church that was built in the 19th century. It is a notable structure as it displays a gothic style and a high, gabled steeple.

Take a Stroll of the City

You may also want to view the architecture in the city by foot. Simply park your rental car and take a look around. Follow this visit by taking a ten-minute drive by car to the Botanic Garden. You can walk to your heart’s content amid serene gardens on walking paths.

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